Re: How do I 'Lock in' the appearance of a Finder window???


You may be interested in a couple of scripts posted by Chris Stone earlier in the year:

Also see this post by Chris, to make the changes permanent after you have set them:

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Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 12:12 AM
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Subject: How do I 'Lock in' the appearance of a Finder window???

Is there ANY way of saving/opening that darn folder so nothing except the background image and the two icons display, please?

I’ve tried locking the folder, but nothing changes, except when it’s unlocked, a line appears in the window, that represents the old right edge of the saved folder, and a white right vertical bar the same width as the sidebar is ‘locked’ onto the right of the window.

There must be someway of doing it, as distributed Apps usually have a window with just the App icon, and backgound image, and an Application ‘alias’ icon.

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