Re: How do I 'Lock in' the appearance of a Finder window???


You need to set the Finder view options when you open that folder, otherwise it’ll just use the default options on the user’s machine.

You already know how to do that in AppleScript. Just check the Finder dictionary for the properties you want to change. E.g:

tell application "Finder"
tell front window # or the window’s name, better
set toolbar visible to false
# set… # what ever other properties you need
end tell
end tell



On 22 Aug 2017, at 12:12, Brian Christmas <ozsanta@...> wrote:

G’day again

I’ve researched this for 3 hours, and no one seems to address my problem.

I have a folder buried in my Application, that contains an image as a background, and two Applications.

EVERYTHING about the folder display is turned OFF, even the Toolbar.

However, when I save it and use a button to open it, the Toolbar reactivates, and the Sidebar also shows.

Is there ANY way of saving/opening that darn folder so nothing except the background image and the two icons display, please?

I’ve tried locking the folder, but nothing changes, except when it’s unlocked, a line appears in the window, that represents the old right edge of the saved folder, and a white right vertical bar the same width as the sidebar is ‘locked’ onto the right of the window.

There must be someway of doing it, as distributed Apps usually have a window with just the App icon, and backgound image, and an Application ‘alias’ icon.



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