Re: How to script the launching of a script at a specific time...


On 7 Dec 2017, at 15:41, Jean-Christophe Helary <jean.christophe.helary@...> wrote:

My understanding was that if Program Arguments is there, Program is ignored.

Well, the docs say this:

  Program <string>
     This key maps to the first argument of execv(3) and indicates the abso-
     lute path to the executable for the job. If this key is missing, then the
     first element of the array of strings provided to the ProgramArguments
     will be used instead. This key is required in the absence of the
     ProgramArguments key.

     ProgramArguments <array of strings>
     This key maps to the second argument of execvp(3) and specifies the argu-
     ment vector to be passed to the job when a process is spawned. This key
     is required in the absence of the Program key.  IMPORTANT: Many people
     are confused by this key. Please read execvp(3) very carefully!

You may be right (I’d assume so, if your test scripts work), but I don’t see a statement that quite supports what you said. But at best it’s redundant to use Program when you’ve specified Program Args and correctly specified the path to the executable in the first item of the array. At worst, I dunno…



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