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Brian Christmas

Thanks Phil & Jens. It IS a limited market, but the bloke (Aussie for ‘Guy’) who instigated this whole thing in the first place, believes a now much more versatile App than what I’ve written for my only Client, (who I’m in dispiute with), might have unforseen use in many industries, besides the die creation businesses. He thinks there’s LOTS of people who have to print 100% accurate images, and particularly the automation of PitStop Pro would be welcome. Pitstop Pro has a wide client base. Also automated ftp monitoring, downloading and printing can save lots of time.

Typically, MM prepares and prints each image in roughly 15 seconds, on an i7 2014 iMac, with a per email overhead of about 30 seconds. Printing a 30 pdf email takes about 8 1/2 minutes, including PitStop Pro Preflight treatment.

AND, as I said, the additional printing of a Barcode is optional, but, adding a barcode opens up a whole new world of monitoring.

MM saves lots of Data, and one App displays past Clients, and how many emails and Jobs they’ve submitted. So, you instantly know who your most prolific Clientel are.

Everything I’ve ever written has my Copyright notice on it.

Who knows. I’d like to throw it out there and see.

Phil, do you know if FastSpring offers free trials, and leases by the month?

I have a Website for my Coding Company, but have never advertised it, so setting up a site will be easy.

Jens, thank you for pointing out that Interarchy does not need external ftp support. My heart sank when I read Phils comment.

Many, many thanks. Hopefully I can give Apples tight restrictions a miss. Just as well I remembered Shane’s warning, and re-read it. Thanks Shane!



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14. It optionally uses the ftp Client ‘Interarchy’, to monitor folders on a remote Server, automatically downloads the folders after any items are added, and prints and stores them as for an email.

There’s no ftp in High Sierra, so you’ll have to rethink that. But

31. Mail Manager requires TextEdit, Interarchy (optional), GraphicConverter, Quark (optional), Acrobat, PitStop Pro (Optional), InDesign (optional), Illustrator, Word, Excel, and of course, Mail.

Good luck trying to sandbox an app and still get it to communicate with any or all of those. I believe there are temporary entitlements to allow some kinds of interapplication communication, but I’d be surprised if you could make that work within the confines of the App Store. You can’t even save to locations outside of your sandbox except a select few that you can add entitlements for, so you’d have to find a way around all that, too.

You’re going to need a website to give it a home page, deal with customer support, provide documentation etc. It’s a requirement for App Store submission, although from what I’ve seen they’re not particularly rigorous about enforcing it. 

As for self-distribution, just throw it up on MacUpdate and similar sites, register with an e-Commerce vendor like FastSpring to handle all the payment processing, set up a simple website to give it a home page etc and away you go. It’s a lot simpler than dealing with sandboxing I can assure you, and you’re typically only paying < 10% commission, including overheads, instead of Apple’s 30%. 



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