Re: Applescript reference for MS Office ?

Jean-Christophe Helary <jean.christophe.helary@...>

I'm looking for the PDFs that Microsoft published about scripting the MS Office suite.
I do have access to the dictionaries.

The only PDFs I have (here, on my machine) are old Word 2004 references. I'm looking for the most recent ones.


On Oct 23, 2017, at 23:51, JMichaelTX <JMichael@...> wrote:

JC, I'm not sure what you're looking for?
The SDEF is installed when MSO is installed.
I'm sure you know, but in Script Editor, just open the Dictionary viewer, and select Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook as needed.

Or, are you looking for something else?
A google search on "AppleScript Microsoft Office" (or the specific app) should yield a number of hits.

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Jim Underwood
aka JMichaelTX

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Subject: [applescript] Applescript reference for MS Office ?

I'm not finding the scripting references for MSO on MS site.

Would anybody have links?


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