Re: Advice required with cURL, please!


On 23 Oct 2017, at 12:18, Brian Christmas <ozsanta@...> wrote:

And, Phil, using System Events is a habit, as I often write and text ASCObjC code in Script Editor, or Script Debugger, and just copy and paste when it’s working. Use the same variables. Also why I used the ‘my ‘. I’ve just found it a good habit to get into.

Display Dialog has absolutely nothing to do with System Events. It’s defined in Standard Additions. While a single invocation like this probably doesn’t do any harm other than introduce an unnecessary delay, it could well cause you problems if you’re doing that repeatedly or excessively in your 10000+ line scripts.

‘my’ is a synonym of the ‘me’ keyword. Unless you enjoy bugs, you shouldn’t be using it habitually like some magic voodoo, but only when it’s required. For correct use, see the AppleScript Language Guide under the section ‘The it and me keywords’.



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